Louisville Zoo

Want to see tons of awesome animals up close? Visit the Louisville Zoo it has tons of animals from all over the world, from sloths to zebras to chinchillas. See all the different exhibits and species of not only animals but plants. 

Exhibits and more

Here at the Louisville zoo there are hundreds on animals in the many different exhibits. The South America habitat is home to a range of exotic animals. There are golden jaguars, the long legged maned wolves, bright flamingos and much more. 
At the Island exhibits it has rare and beautiful island animals. They have the strange Tapir, a large herbivores mammal with a unique snout. Tapir are native to the region of South America islands. The exhibit also has orange orangutans, Sumatran tigers and the Cuban Crocodile. 

Travel on over to the HerpAquaruim with tons of reptiles and snakes. They have a verity of colored frogs, Gila monsters and boa constrictors. See up close the Amazon River's black piranhas and vampire bats.

Run over to the Glacier Run and see rare and unique animals. The award winning exhibit is home to a verity of cool creatures. They have polar and grizzly bears, seals and sea lions. They also have the rare Snow Leopard that is home to the rocky and steep Himalayas. 

Over in the wild outback they have tons of your favorite Australian animals. They have kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos along with colorful lorikeets and many more animals. 

In the Africa exhibit get up close to some of the coolest animals in the world. They have elephants, zebras, camels, gorillas and much more.

Come by and visit the Louisville zoo and see hundreds of rare, unique and beautiful animals up close. Learn more about the world and the creatures we share it with. Visit the Louisville zoo for fun for the entire family. 

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